Method Engine


Method Engine is different because of what we believe. We think software ought to be built around the needs of people, not computers, not programmers.

After all, there's no reason that your operating system shouldn't be every bit as cool and fun to use as your La-Z-Boy recliner, a stack of Post-Its or a Porsche.

We develop interactive products that are beautiful, evocative and satisfying. Like the folks who design chairs and cars and sticky little notes, our role is to create tools that are accessible and easy to use. In other words, we strive for a user experience that integrates excellence in functionality, aesthetics, interaction and technology.

In the end, we help companies use the Web to surpass their customers' wildest expectations. We know the Web has only begun to do its job. We want an Internet that can painlessly connect, inform, entertain and teach. One recent study revealed that up to 75% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before consummating the deal. Why? The study suggested a basic inability of many sites to serve customer needs easily and painlessly.

In an industry rife with complexity and confusion, Method Engine develops solutions that work. Simply.