Stratafusion Group


The StrataFusion Group empowers companies to maximize technology investments in capital and human resources by bringing leading-edge insights with deep, experience-based knowledge of markets, engineering and industries. Our goal is to become our client's trusted advisor by providing:

  • Expert advice and recommendations for proven technology choices to achieve business goals
  • A collaborative and consultative approach in assisting clients to make informed decisions
  • Experienced critical thinking

StrataFusion typically targets leading companies in high-tech, software, or the Internet arenas. Our experience ranges from high growth startups to well established corporations.


StrataFusion was established in January, 2001. The founding team (Ken Crafford and John Dick) holds over 20 years of e-business experience collectively, and each has been key in the success of implementing e-business initiatives at companies including Intuit, Core Technology Group, Inc, D2K (Data 2 Knowledge), Menerva Technologies, QuestLink (now eChips), RedKnife, Inc., and RealCentric.